Laurence H. Miller, MD
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Sometimes we must think outside of the Box...

The most important thing in medicine today is to take the time - and time is what is most scarce - to do the right thing for our patient.  To get the story right, the history; to do a thorough, informing examination; and to do the tests; to look for what may not be obvious.  If I am taking care of YOUR child, I am not concerned with "the protocol".  YOU only want me to follow ONE protocol, the one that is correct for YOUR child and will keep your child HEALTHY.
After undergoing the highest quality of professional training and years of experience, it is clear to me that each child must be considered, evaluated, and cared for as an individual
The cookie cutter care plan doesn't work as well. Every child has their own story.  Two kids may have an earache, but because their two stories are different, the way I handle that encounter for each child will depend on THEIR own story.  That IS the protocol so the child under my care will get the best care.
Laurence H. Miller, MD

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